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"Moment of Impact" - The photography show
I’ll be talking through my “Moment of Impact” shoot with Tom Duequesnoy and the Nikon D500 on the Nikon school stage, at 11.25 on the Tuesday.

It’s quite common to hear me drone on about how long I’ve been invovled in photography on this blog.  Anyone would think I had some sort of chip on my shoulder.  Possibly the whole potato.  In all my years though, I’ve never once visited the Photography Show, not even back when it was called Focus on Imaging.  I can see why people would want to go, but the notion of spending time inside the NEC, amongst crowds, and simply shuffling from one stand to another trying not to spend money, has never really appealed.  I always joked with a couple of colleagues that I’d go when someone paid me to.  Can you guess what’s coming next?

First off, Nikon have asked me to give a talk about the “Moment of Impact” campaign I shot for the D500 last year, on their Nikon School stage.  I’ll be on for about half an hour, from 11.25 on Tuesday the 21st.  I’m going to go right through the thought process involved in making the images, what challenges we faced, and all the technical gubbins that the shots required.

Secondly, I’ve been asked to cover someone on the live stage on Sunday the 19th.  I’ll be shooting freestyle footballer Jamie MacDonald, between 12 and 12.30.  This will be live in front of an audience.  What could possibly go wrong?  Oh ye gods, what have I signed myself up for….

Both these talks are free, although I like black coffee.  And I’m looking for a new compact camera now it appears the Nikon DL will never appear.  Hint hint.

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