Podcast interview for Neverland and Jute magazines.

I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago for a podcast by Verginiya Yancheva of Jute and Neverland magazine.  We met up at the photography show after I’d given my talk for Nikon about the Moment of Impact campaign, and, as always, it’s taken us this long to hook up.  We chat about starting out, what value there is in going to college, how essential it is to work as an assistant, turning work down, self-promotion, and specific knowledge relating to the field you work in.  It’s all good!  Well, apart from the audio quality, for which I take full responsibility as I could not get my Zoom to play along with my laptop!  I think it might be high time I just invested in a straightforward USB microphone, rather than trying to improvise with kit I already own.

CTCRM - Podcast interview
An aptly chosen image for the interview, or is it just me who can see the links between perfectionism and climbing up and down a rope?

You can find it here or here, although both links go to the same episode – you just get a different background to look at and a different set of photos to browse on the rest of the site!  I quite enjoy the irony of being interviewed for a fashion site, when I left the world of fashion behind a looooong time ago.

Part 2 will be released next week, on the 26th July to the best of my knowledge, so tune in then for even more in depth knowledge and ramblings!

And I love the title of the podcast – “The unapologetic perfectionist” – she knows me so well, and I may start referring to myself with that label from here on in.  Or I could start a support group for unapologetic perfectionists, except that I suspect all the potential members would find fault with it, and no-one would turn up to the second meeting….


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