90 Minutes to Better Photography

Allow me to introduce my new course.¬† 90 minutes to better photography is something I’ve slaved over. Not because anything it contains is difficult to do – quite the opposite – but because I’ve had to work so hard distill so much of my experience into such a compact package! It’s made up of a series of shortcuts, tips, tricks, and hacks which will improve your photography in leaps and bounds.

90 Minutes to Better Photography
One of the 25 tricks – using a subject’s eyeline to direct the viewer around the frame. I wonder what, or who, Lisa has spotted?

It’s ideal for someone just starting out, and I’ve made sure there’s very little technical stuff in there to put you off. You can also take the course with just a smartphone or compact, but a camera with manual control, will, as always, be a better option. Although there are a couple of little extra technical chapters thrown in to add detail where needed, the last thing this course is, is a shopping list of expensive camera kit you’ll need to go out and buy.

90 Minutes to better photography
I’ll teach you simple but effective composition tricks like using frames within frames to make your work stand out.

Whilst some of it may be basic, there’s lots there for someone who has picked up the essentials of technique, but whose work has become a bit bland. Many of the “shortcuts” are in reality, nothing but, as they’re really only the tip of the iceberg, and with practice will become long term foundations of your work. I use, and have been using, most of them for decades.

90 minutes to better photography
Learn how playing with simple effects like reflections can add depth and interest to your work.

If you’re looking to go beyond the basics of just pointing and shooting, or your work has gone stale, or you’re searching for more likes, clicks, and shares, then you can enrol in 90 minutes to better photography right here.

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