Cinematic action and portraits in a bunker.

I’ve put together another course for Nikon, this time with a bit of a twist. Inspired by working with the stunt performers on the D850 promo day, and with my long obsession with history and cinema, we’ve come up with quite a combo. We’ve secured use of a Government Nuclear Bunker for the day, and will have free reign to create action sequences, staged cinematic portraits, and generally play around as much as we like.

Stunt performers - Nikon Bunker Course
Phoebe putting JP in his place

The venue is the Kelveden Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker (I don’t think it’s much of a secret if it’s got it’s own website, but there you go) and we’ll be working with 2 trained stunt performers – Pheobe and JP, both of whom I’ve shot with before. We’ll be able to setup a few action/fight shots, and stage some less energy-intensive portrait shots too. There will be lots of Nikon kit to play with on the day, and we’re going to find a way to make some cinematic effects like smoke too, just in case the place isn’t atmospheric enough on it’s own!

Plotting room - Nikon Bunker Course
The plotting room

I’ve had a good nose around the bunker, and predictably, it’s full of spots that will make perfect shots. Lots of period detail, gloomy corridors, mid 20th century tech, generators, blast doors, plotting rooms – the place is essentially a film set waiting to be shot!

Blast Doors - Nikon Bunker Course
Blast Doors. Yes, like in a film.

The date is the 8th February, 2018 and all you’ll need if you’re interested is a camera and lens. We’ll provide all the lighting, props, effects, and enough tinned food to last several months!  You may need to bring your own gas mask though, as supplies are limited, and possibly something to fend off zombies with.

You can book your place on the course here.

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