Parkour photography course with Nikon

I’m running another experiential course with Nikon in London, and this time we’ll be shooting some fast moving Parkour action.  We’ll be working with the very experienced (and energetic) crew who were on the MegaMeetup back in September.

Parkour course
We’ll be finding all sorts of urban items to turn into obstacles.

I’ve photographed Parkour several times over the years, and I’ve always found it to be visually really impressive.  When you combine the skill and strength these athletes have with some carefully crafted camera angles, you can create images that look almost impossible.

Parkour photography course
You’ll believe a man can fly!

We’re going to be shooting around the South Bank in central London, in lots of areas that myself and the runners know well.  There’s a host of great spots where they can jump off things, flip, vault, tumble, and generally behave like superheroes.

Parkour photogrpahy course
All he needs is a cape!

Besides my input, there will be someone there from Nikon on the day, and we’ll have a few interesting toys to play with, including some flash lighting.  The date for the course is the 20th April, and full details and booking can be found here.  Hope to see you there.

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