The Nikon D850 – One camera, many jobs

A few weeks back I gave a talk for Nikon at The Photography Show. I’d been asked to talk about the lovely new D850, which I’ve been using for some 6 months now, and am very impressed by! Rather than just give a big sales pitch, or recite features and spec for half an hour, I took a different route and got a bit more philosophical.  I waxed lyrical about what makes a camera professional, what we look for in cameras as professional photographers, and what the various features and specs allow us to do.

I gave the talk twice to roughly a couple of hundred people. It’s a free talk and numbers fluctuate – people do tend to wander past, and some hang around – others find something more stimulating to do!  Hopefully I was able to impart some useful information besides just getting across the concept that the D850 is a rather nifty bit of kit, but you can judge for yourself in the video.

Sorry it’s taken such a while to get the video up and running – there were a few problems with what I could and couldn’t allow to be published! The whole video is here – largely filmed on the D850 – by the superb people at Beyond Content.

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