Advice for Blackpool Students

I got an email a few weeks ago from my old college – Blackpool and the Fylde – asking to help with their professional development, and give advice about work experience and the professional world.  I said I’d be happy to come up and talk to them about it, but the realisation that a return trip to Blackpool would be 400 miles, and generally involve an overnight stay put the mockers on that one.

Instead they suggested I record a video, so I did, answering the questions they’d set me.  I could easily go down the rabbit hole with lots of these, as they’re quite open ended, so I’ve made an effort to keep the answers fairly succinct.  For more in depth info for students on work experience, assisting, and generally studying photography, there are lots of posts on this blog:

The importance of a good photography lecturer, The perfect photography course, The four stages of photographic learning, Why I like giving lectures, Photographer’s Assistant Guide (link goes to one post – series links are at the bottom), How to make the best of your time at collegeHow to choose a course or college, Ten questions from a photography student, Work Experience – First hand account, Work experience, some basic advice, How to approach photographers.

That should keep you busy for a bit, meanwhile, here’s the video:

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