Parkour and Urban Action course with Nikon

Parkour Athlete leaping down stairs
You’ll believe a man can fly!

I’ll be running another of my popular Urban Action and parkour courses on October 11th in London with Nikon. We’ll follow a similar plan to the previous ones, working with some expert Parkour runners, and working to capture some superb action imagery.

Parkour athlete performing a backflip
I can’t promise the weather will be this good, but I can assure you the athletes will pull off some very impressive moves!

Full details of the course are here on the Nikon School website. All you need is a camera and a lens (doesn’t have to be Nikon…) and a basic understanding of how exposure works. That, ¬£199, and a willingness to be on foot around London for much of the day, and you’ll be good to go. We offer lots of tuition, as well as working to create as many photo opportunities as possible. If time permits we usually add on a photoshop/lightroom/creativity workflow session back at the Nikon school in the West End too.

Parkour athlete performing handstand in front of the National Theatre
See the city in a whole new light

In the past, when we’ve run the courses, we’ve had athletes hanging off Waterloo Bridge, jumping off the South Bank onto the beach, clambering over buildings below the BT tower, setting off flocks of pigeons, and raising many eyebrows among commuters and tourists. Expect more of the same, along with anything else we can come up with on the day. Look forward to seeing you there!


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