Technical Photography Fundamentals Course – Intro

So, only a mere 6 months after I promised it, here’s the beginning of my free Technical Photography Fundamentals course – both on this blog and on YouTube. I’m aiming to post a new video every Friday afternoon, and they should eventually form an entire curriculum for photography beginners.

To begin with, here’s the intro:


The aim of this course is to introduce you to all the fundamentals of how photography works. So we’re going to cover exposure, camera types, resolution and megapixels, colour temperature and white balance, focusing, equipment, depth of field, file formats and workflow – essentially everything you need to know to understand how the technical side of photography functions.

I’ve placed special emphasis on exposure, as I believe it’s the most important technical aspect there is, as well as something that really confuses people – it certainly took me years to get my head round some of it!

Exposure - Technical Photography Fundamentals
Exposure is SO much easier to learn thanks to the instant feedback digital gives you – it was much tougher back in the film days when I learnt!

I’ve tried to keep things simple, as it would be easy in many areas to get carried away in detail. I’m sure to do more videos in more depth on certain topics, so keep checking back for more insights. Also, feel free to add any comments if I’ve not been clear anywhere, and I’ll answer them as best as I can.

You can do this course with any camera, but you will need to have manual control over the exposure, so it’s best if you’ve got a compact with manual controls, a DSLR, or a mirrorless.

I only talk about general principles in this course, as there are so many different cameras out there, and it would be impossible to describe the settings on every make or model. You may want your own camera manual to hand, so that when I refer to a specific control or setting, you can find where it is on yours.

I’d highly recommend having your camera to hand throughout anyway, and to try the various technical things as I suggest them. These days with digital there’s no real cost in taking pictures, so don’t be afraid to muck about and see what happens when you change various settings – you’ll learn much faster if you experiment with these things yourself. Being an online course you can progress through it at whatever pace you’re comfortable with, and skip back and forth as you choose.  I’ll aim to post a new video every week on Friday afternoon – I’m in the UK, so if you’re watching from somewhere else in the world, hello, but you’ll need to do the math. Of course, you can subscribe to my channel and then you shouldn’t miss each chapter as it comes along, particularly if you turn your notifications on!

Most of the content was originally hosted behind a paywall on a different site, but I’ve chosen to take it off there, and host it here on YouTube

The course is suitable for complete beginners – those with lots of experience will probably know most of this stuff.

So if you’re looking to move beyond the automatic smartphone photos, and want to understand how the technical side works, or if you’ve just bought a DSLR, a Mirrorless, or even an advanced compact and want to know how to get the best out of it, here’s where to begin.

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